An bacteriological incubator is basically a device which helps in carrying out the process of incubation. In this process, a predetermined temperature gets maintained within the enclosure which aids in the microbial culture growth. The temperature and incubation timing is quite important for the development and growth of any organism. If it is not provided this period, there can be degeneration of the organism’s growth.

Incubator usually works on the principle known as thermo-electricity. There is a thermostat present inside the incubator which helps in maintaining the constant temperature. Mainly there are two variations in incubators:

Both the above two types get used in the pharmaceutical industry to a great extent in various laboratories.

The Working Of A Bacteriological Incubator:

This kind of Bacteriological incubator is defined as a laboratory equipment which gets used in the incubation of the biological products. The conditions under which the incubation takes place is kept controlled. The equipment comes with a temperature controller which is digital and also has thermocouple sensor. This ensures that the accuracy of the temperature inside the enclosure is fully perfect.

The thermostat inside the insulated enclosure helps to maintain the temperature on a constant basis and circulates the hot air over the shelves and racks of the equipment. This kind of incubator generally comes with double wall construction and gets made using different types of materials. Companies can totally rely on the day-to-day operations like staining, drying, and incubation of the antibody using this device.

The desirable temperature that needs to be maintained inside the system at the time of incubation must be about 30 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius for about 48 hours constantly. As the equipment only has the heating system inside it, it is ideal for the growth of bacterial organisms.


  • The bacteriological incubator promotes the culturing of micro organisms under controlled environmental conditions. Petri dish is the culture media which gets used in placing the sample of the test inside the system.
  • This enclosure is also used in identifying the micro organisms which might cause diseases in human beings. After the identification, vaccines get developed for the cure of such diseases.
  • Industries in the field of medical, chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical also use this equipment on a regular basis for the purpose of tissue culture.

The users must follow the safety guidelines before the application of the bacteriological incubator. The door of the system must not be opened repeatedly while the tissue culture is going on. No flammable substance must also be stored inside the system as it can be dangerous. This immensely useful equipment serves various needs of the research laboratories all over the world.