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Renowned Cold room manufacturers

We are actively engaged in manufacturing laboratory equipment such as cold room chambers. Being one of the most trusted and reliable cold room manufacturers, we provide equipment which are manufactured according to the dimensions desired by the clients and cooling specifications. We construct these cold rooms for the clients from across the globe and have proved to provide them with the best quality service.

We have specialized experts who built these cold rooms taking into account all aspects of maintaining this equipment. Our experts keep in mind the necessities and aspirations of the clients and thus, come up with more advanced technology equipped cold rooms for our clients.

Maintains pace with the modern world

In today’s world of modern technology, it has certainly become very important to keep up with the modernization and the different changing aspects of life. Keeping the changing factor in mind, we have come up with these cold rooms which would prove to be very beneficial for our customers and clients. According to the clients, due to the rapid changes of weather nowadays, the necessity of cold rooms has become very essential for the laboratories.

Therefore, we have taken up the job of manufacturing cold rooms at minimal rates which would be beneficial to the clients.

Now, preserve in an Eco-friendly manner

 As we have mentioned earlier that we are very particular about our work and do not forget to take the needs and wants of our clients in the account. While manufacturing cold rooms, we have also kept in mind that our cold rooms should be a cause of pollution.

So, we have come up with the Eco-friendly cold rooms. Our cold rooms are equipped with techniques of preservation which are eco-friendly and prevent wastage. It also supports the concept of maximizes the utilization. Cold room panels are also manufactured by us and thus, it reduces the burden of the clients to find cold room panel manufacturers.

Branches of our company

Now, we also have a number of branches in other states as well. It was largely found that there are clients who are from other states. In order to satisfy their wants, we have come up with a branch in Mumbai as well. Hence, gone are the days when you had to look for cold room manufacturers in Mumbai.

Undoubtedly, it is always an honor to serve our clients and see them pleased with our services.

The Uses and Application of a Cold Room

Overview of a cold room

A cold room is also known as a cold storage. It generally has a very low temperature which helps to preserve food. We are the best cold room manufacturers in Mumbai. They store the food at a uniform temperature. Cold rooms are made of panels which various sizes which accommodates a lot of food stuff in it. They are equipped with various facilities like; optimal temperature management, different dimensions, etc. Cold rooms generally have a temperature range from -50°c to 15°c.

Features of cold rooms

Some of the common features of a cold room are as follows:

  • It has a modular set up which helps in quick installation
  • It comes with various panel sizes
  • It is applicable for various kinds of commodities
  • Some of the advanced cold rooms come with cam locking feature which ensures the proper alignment of walls, doors, ceiling and
  • Cold rooms come with a port with the help of which the foodstuff inside can be viewed without opening the door.

How to select the perfect cold room?

There are many cold room manufacturers in the market but finding the perfect can be difficult at times. When you are buying a cold room, consider the following features:

  • Always check the range of insulation
  • The type of technology it is based on
  • The amount of space for storing
  • How much cost has to be incurred on it for its maintenance
  • The range of temperature

Usages of cold rooms

Cold rooms are quite different from the refrigerators you have at your homes. Cold rooms are mostly used for business purposes. You can store perishable commodities like food and drinks in it. Cold rooms are mostly used to store huge amount of commodities. The business companies store their goods here so that they can sell the product afterwards on the market.

There are a various cold room panels manufacturer in the market but if you are looking for the right manufacturer, we are the one. For further information, you can mail us at