An Effective Incubation Option- Bacteriological Incubator


Bacteriological Incubator is a laboratory equipment which supports incubation of the biological products. This medical equipment comes along with the digital temperature controller for maintaining the temperature accuracy. We are the topmost manufacturer of this product which is made up of a thin steel sheet & stainless steel trays.

We also include adjustable ventilators in our design to let the moisture out. Our designs comprise double wall doors along with spring, roller latch, and hinges. For ensuring the safety, we also provide safety thermostat and safety circuits. Safety circuit cuts off the entire system in any instance of malfunction.

Application & Uses

Our Bacteriological Incubator is ideal for 37-degree incubation. It also ensures durability due to the strong insulation of glass wool. The temperature range of our incubators varies from +10 degree to 60-degree centigrade. this temperature is kept under the control by a microprocessor-based controller which possesses process value as well as set value.

Manufacturing the best incubators in India, we have an incubator with both forced & natural air convention. The forced air circulation helps in creating uniformity within the chamber. Along with this, we also provide some optional accessories such as Datalogger and RS-485 printer interface. For the safety purpose, it is advisable to use K.V.A voltage stabilizer.

 Guaranteed High Quality

Each of our units is tested just a few days prior to the dispatch just to ensure that our customers receive the fine quality products. All of our incubators are priced at a reasonable rate and hence, customers can get the best thing in the market without spending much.

Customization has become the need of the hour. Due to this, we serve our customers with several customization options in the form of the data logger, the entire SS unit, and a networking controller.

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Our customer care team remains available for the clients through different channels of communication. We are always ready to serve our customer demands and listen to their queries. Our high-quality products, commitment, and reliable services have made us stand out in the market of scientific equipment.

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