Environmental chambers are used to test products and equipment under varying climatic conditions such as exposure to humidity, extreme temperatures, thermal cycling etc. Different kinds of chambers are used for various purposes, and a walk-in environmental chamber is ideal for large sized products. They are suitable for storage of electronic components, biological specimens & accelerated ageing tests of large number of pharmaceutical samples.

Medical research organisations, public health laboratories, universities are some institutions that require walk-in environmental chambers. They can also be used for botanical and cytological purposes. Plant & animal breeding laboratories which need controlled conditions of temperature, humidity, and illumination also require such chambers.

SR Lab Instruments provides walk-in environmental chambers in custom built sizes, which use pre-fabricated molecular panels with PUF or Glasswool insulation. There are multiple advantages to this:

  • The machinery is light weight and easy to handle.
  • The chamber can thus be assembled on site easily.
  • Easy handling and low weight reduces freight charges.
  • If relocation is required, the chambers can be dismantled, transported, and reassembled with relative ease.
  • Possibility of customization means that different kinds of customer requirements can be satisfied easily.

The models are fitted with an efficient air circulating system which ensures uniform conditions inside the Chamber. The interior is made of stainless steel while the exterior is made of mild steel with a coat of non contaminant epoxy powder (coating on both sides of Mild Steel). The tight fit doors are insulated with double walled PUF/Glasswool.

Special care is taken to guarantee top-notch safety features. There is a built-in audio/visual alarm to alert in case of temperature deviation. A safety thermostat monitors overshooting temperatures, while a safety circuit cuts off the whole system in case of malfunctions (applicable in microprocessor based models). The chambers also have High Rupturing Capacity fuses for compressor heaters & mains, along with a time delay circuit for safety of the compressor.

The machinery adheres to all standards, and is verified under Design Qualification(DQ),  Installation Qualification(IQ), Operational Qualification(OQ) and Performance Qualification(PQ) protocols. Complete documentation & certification can be traced to National & International standards.

A large number of factors have to be considered before purchasing a large piece of scientific equipment. Fulfilment of objectives, ease of usage, safety features, and standard verification are primary points of interest and it is vital that these concerns are resolved with sufficient information.