Ultra-low deep freezer or ULT Freezer is critically important in the life sciences, laboratories and pharmaceutical industry.  It is used for long-term preservation of samples at precise temperatures.

Since the lifespan of an ultra low freezer is around ten to fifteen years, it gives better value for money. Thus, buying a good-quality freezer is a good decision.

There has been a tremendous advancement in the freezing technology in the past three decades. Modern freezers are much more effective and efficient than the earlier times.

Since Available model as per space constraints., e.g. upright freezers, chest freezers and so on, users can select the best suitable model.

Benefits of using ultra freezer

1. Energy Efficiency

Earlier, high power consumption was an inhibiting factor, but improved technology makes ULT freezer quite energy efficient today. Hence, you get savings on energy bills. Because of the concerns with carbon footprint, innovative low temperature freezers are available. These freezers use liquid nitrogen for cooling which remains liquid for extended periods. Since no compressor is used here, the energy consumption is considerably low. Thus, you get a better return on investment.

2. Low Sound

Modern low temperature refrigerators are available with sound reduction system. There are easy-to-access front vents with filters that reduce noise up to a great extent. Also, the freezers have balcony vents on the back side to lower down the noise further. Thus, you get ultimate thermal efficiency without increasing the decibel count. Before purchasing one for the freezer room, read the technical specs thoroughly.

3. Tailor-made Solutions

When you go through the laboratory footprint, you realize that the off-the-shelf product doesn’t suit your needs. There is nothing to worry.  Cold room manufacturers in Mumbai can offer customized solutions matching to your requirements. Whether it is the number of compartments or configuration of the door, in-built voltage stabilizer or compressor settings; you can get it designed conveniently.

4. Excellent temperature control

The most important feature of an ultra low deep freezer is that it offers amazing control over the temperature. It has robust inner doors, highly efficient gaskets and quicker pull-down and recovery times. Hence, they are ideal for applications that need uniform temperatures consistently.

5. Sustainability

When you buy high-standard freezers, you get transparency for power consumption, recyclability, service life and manufacturing quality. Therefore, it makes sense in buying a reliable ultra low deep freezer for your business. The money you spend gives great returns in the long run.