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Plant growth chambers are enclosed places which are usually manufactured to create certain environmental conditions for the growth of plants. The main aim behind the creation of these plant growth chambers is to create different atmospheric conditions for the effective germination and growth of the plants.

The light, temperature, humidity in these chambers can be controlled according to the requirement and a particular environment is created to test the plants. The growth of a particular plant is examined in the laboratories.


There are extensive applications of these plant growth chambers or walk-in a plant growth chamber. They are used to know the crop productivity in the agriculture. The research and development of plants is the main reason for which the plant growth chambers are used- photosynthesis, plant breeding, plant nutrition are some of the areas which are observed using the plant growth chambers. Mostly all types of plant categories can be tested in these chambers. They are able to provide different kinds of environments to any kind of plants that are placed in them.

Different Types of Plant Growth Chambers

The plant growth chambers are usually made with metal and a white enamel finish is given. They are classified into two types’ basically- walk-in chamber and reach-in chamber. The reach-in the chamber is just like a refrigerator where the user has to open the door and reach to the plants. The walk-in the chamber is like a big chamber which can accommodate a person. One can walk into the chamber and place or take the plants out of it.

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