Humidity Test Chambers

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A humidity test chamber is a testing instrument that is used for the analysis of the prolonged the effect of the humidity on different components and to fix their quality parameters. This instrument is used in different industrial applications. They are used in the pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastic industries for the testing of quality assurance.

Working of Humidity Test Chambers

Usually, after manufacturing of a component, it is important to know whether the component is able to sustain severe temperature conditions or not. This is very important so that the manufacturers will understand the component’s behavior when sudden fluctuations in the environment occur. These tests can be carried out with the temperature and humidity chamber function in the static and dynamic state.

The user has to control the humidity with the help of controlling the temperature because without controlling the temperature it is not possible to have a control over the humidity. If the user requires a dry humid environment then the user should take care of not skipping the temperature controller. These temperature controllers have the power of fluctuating the actual temperature.

As the temperature in the temperature and humidity test chamber is increased, the air present in the chamber is capable of handling more moisture at a given temperature. The relative humidity can be calculated as the ratio of relative humidity to the amount of moisture present in the air at a particular temperature. The relative humidity changes with the changes in the temperature.

There are different kinds of methods that are employed in the humidity creation process. They are a steam generator, a water bath, and an atomizer. These humidity chambers are used in the large industries for the assessment of quality.

Why Choose SR Lab Instruments? 

It is important to invest wisely when you are planning to buy a humidity chamber. A trustworthy and reliable manufacturer like SR lab instruments will provide you with the products that are worth your money. Yes, when you are spending some amount on a product it is important to think whether it is worth it or not and we ensure that we will provide you with the high-quality products at an affordable price.

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 An Efficient Instrument: Humidity Test Chamber

Overview of the instrument

A humidity test chamber is commonly used in the pharmaceutical, packaging and food industries for testing the stability. They provide temperatures ranging 0C to 70C. As they are exposed to various conditions, especially damp ones internally, components and interiors which are resistant towards corrosion are very crucial for the humidity test chambers. Custom and standard solutions are always provided by these humidity test chambers. They are also found in various configurations and different specifications. These chambers expose the conditions which the devices, machines or materials undergo.

Functions of the humidity test chamber

These temperature and humidity test chambers have various functions which are very efficient and useful. The humidity test chambers are ideal for the testing of the varying ranges of temperature. It exposes the change rate of the temperatures.  It also acts as a safety device as it has safety features such as “door opening alarm”, “power supply circuit breaker”, a protector for over-current. These safety features act as a plus point in terms of the humidity chamber function.

The humidity test chambers can also be used as:

  • As test-specimen preparations for chemical and physicals tests
  • Can be used while conducting specimen testing as environmental conditions.

Why beneficial?

Our humidity test chambers prove to be very beneficial because of the various features. The interior chamber of the humidity test chamber is corrosive resistant. For easy and smooth access, they have hinged doors which are again a plus point for the test chamber. The chambers are also provided with electric heaters for safety and it also makes them reliable.


These chambers prove to be very efficient and user-friendly and it does not let our clients face a lot of trouble. It needs no such special and high-class maintenance and moreover, it is very easy to clean. As cleaning these chambers become a burden for our clients, these chambers need no special cleaning.


 We make sure that our clients do not feel that their money is being wasted on these chambers. Rather, they must feel that these test chambers are worth buying. Therefore, we have presented these temperature and humidity test chambers are very cost efficient and affordable for our clients.

The Best Option: Humidity Chambers

 Why to chose our humidity test chambers?

We manufacture the humidity chambers with the best performances all over the country. It is the most-sold instrument of our company. It is very effective and cost-effective at the same time. It not only works without causing any trouble for our clients but also it is provided with various safety measures which also prove to be very beneficial for the clients. Our aim is not to make huge profits but to satisfy the needs and preferences of our clients. These humidity chambers are very reliable and useful.

Worthwhile Choice

As it is mentioned earlier that these humidity test chambers are cost-efficient and profitable products, the prices of these instruments are very satisfactory and affordable as well. It is not beyond our affordability. These machines have different prices in different places of the world. The humidity chamber price in India is quite costly, ranging from 50,000 to 2.5lakhs.

We always make sure that our clients get the best-quality products at minimal ranges. Therefore, purchasing the humidity test chambers from us would surely prove to be a worthwhile choice for our clients.

 Quite reliable

Our humidity test chambers are very reliable and staunch by nature.  We make sure that our clients’ needs and aspirations are fully satisfied by our product’s performance. Our test chambers come with a better quality than other manufacturers and are of high quality. Our clients can solely depend on these test chambers as they are exceptionally accurate with the measurements and recordings.

Well- Experienced

 From the day of commencement, we are very particular about our clients’ choices and tastes. Therefore, we make sure that our products do not break the trust of our clients. These test chambers provided by us would prove to be highly satisfactory because of its accuracy in recoding the humidity and temperatures. We, being the leading humidity chamber manufacturer try our level best to keep our clients and customers happy and satisfied.

It is undoubtedly our job to give our clients an assurance that an array of approved quality is provided or offered by our side.

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