Before we go into the operational details of plant growth chambers, let’s understand the basic purpose of using it.

Basically a plant growth chamber offers a controlled environment to a plant. All the parameters that are offered to the plant can be measured and analyzed. Some examples are; temperature, light, atmospheric composition of gases, etc.

Experts say that though these chambers offer a controlled environment, there is something called ‘chamber effect’ where the results of different chambers vary despite offering exactly matching environment.

Plant growth chamber manufacturers can supply specifically designed products based on the specifications given by the users.

The chambers are user-friendly because of the interface and work as an excellent tool for the plant growth requirements.

The cabinets are specially designed keeping in mind the airflow and temperature adjustment requirements.

How does it work?

A growth chamber, whether it is a walk in plant growth chamber or portable one; has double insulated walls to prevent thermal loss. For this, a thick layer of super glass wool is used.

Both outer and inner chambers are made from steel, and removable shelves are provided inside.

Due to the fully transparent acrylic front door, samples can be seen without disturbing the temperature in the chamber.

If there is a high condensation inside, then the samples can be seen by switching on the lamp. A plant growth chamber is mounted on castors so that movement becomes easy.

Plant growth chamber price varies from model to model. Heavy-duty chambers with sophisticated features are costly whereas simple and lightweight chambers are quite inexpensive.

Features of a plant growth chamber

As far as operational features are concerned, these chambers are equipped with the state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled system. You get digital timers, over-temperature alarm, and door-open alarms.

Humidity sensors alert if the humidity level goes dangerously low or high which can damage the plants.

In an environmental test chamber, you get an optional CO2 control system as well.

Safety features are specially incorporated in the chambers because power leakage may cause severe damage to it.

Hence, you get automatic leakage breaker, over current prevention system, over heat caution alarm, and door open alarm. There is an alarm to indicate low or empty water levels as well.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of off-the-shelf chambers that are sufficient to meet the needs of all users.

However, special requests can be taken care of. For this, manufacturers need detailed requirement specification