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Autoclaves are specially designed for Medical, Clinical, Bacteriological & Research Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer plants, Breweries, Soft drink Mfrs etc.


Double walled thick gauge AISI Stainless Steel 304 quality. All contact parts of Stainless Steel, Top lid die pressed.



Sterilization is the destruction by physical or chemical agents, or living micro organisms, such as bacteria or their viable pores. Commonly used methods of sterilization are Dry heat, Boiling water, Free flowing steam, Pressurized steam, Gas & Filtration. Pressurized steam sterilization employed in the Autoclave is the most universally used method of sterilization.

Double walled, electrically operated vertical autoclaves are sturdy, built exclusively for laboratory purpose. Each Autoclave is rigidly tested & equipped with long lasting moulded Neoprene/Silicon gasket.



It can also be provided with Microprocessor based controller with PC interface, Pressure switch & 24hrs timer, automatic purging of steam with Solenoid valve, Low water level cut off system & Validation as per IQ OQ PQ & DQ Protocols on request. Pressure Range : 0-20 P.S.I/0-30 P.S.I Electrically Heated Lid with easy paddle lifting arrangement Safety through Automatic safety valve Adjusted at 1 kg/Cm2 (15 P.S.I.) Immersion Heaters Rugged in construction Power : 220/230 V 50 Cy, Single Phase A. C.


ModelInternal Dimensions
AA-A30 x 50 cms
AA-B35 x 55 cms
AA-C45 x 75 cms
AA-D55 x 75 cms
AA-E55 x 90 cms

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