Blood Bank Refrigerator

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For safe and reliable storage of Blood Products at +4°C, optimum range of Blood Bank Refrigerators are designed for small, medium and large blood centers. Double pane Toughened provides excellent exterior insulation. Unique air circulation ensures maximum temperature uniformity in each drawer and rapid recovery after doors are opened. All are frost free models.

Cabinet Construction

Durable, corrosion resistant materials have been used for the refrigerators to provide years of reliable performance. Each unit has stainless steel drawer and fully adjustable drawer slides. Individual internal plexi glass doors prevents temperature losses and facilitates easy identification and inventory management of blood bags. The Refrigerators are fitted with lockable caster wheels and key lock.

Data Management (available in ultra Models)

Temperature data can be maintained for up to 1000 records. Networking is possible with 30 refrigerated units to transfer data through LAN to a common PC for further analysis.


Temperature Control

Microprocessor based integrated temperature monitoring system provide excellent temperature control and accuracy. Audio visual alarms ensure check on storage condition. The Refrigerators are fitted with 7 days circular temperature chart recorder.


Salient Features

  • Microprocessor controlled temperature controller
  • User settable parameters like set point, low-high alarm point, buzzer off time etc.
  • Dual temperature sensors
  • Back up thermostat to avoid negative temperature
  • Audio-visual alarm for High/Low temperature & low battery
  • Auto alarm incase door stands open for over a minute
  • 8 hours battery back up (Optional)

Additional Features (Optional)

  • Intelligent Controller helps maintaining temperature in case of sensor failure
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Self diagnosis for error.
  • 4″ LCD Screen, Large size Display for ease of reading
  • Histogram format of 24 hours temperature recording
  • Display of temperature in Centigrade/Fahrenheit
  • Power resumption & failure recorded with date & time
  • High and low alarm points with date & time
  • Data Logger for storage of upto 1000 records
  • Networking & PC connectivity through RS 232
  • USB port for Data transfer (optional).


Temperature ControlMicroprocessor
Internal Dimension660 x 765 x 450660 x 765 x 650660 x 765 x 850660 x 765 x1050660 x 765 x 1250
External Dimension800 x945x1005800 x 945 x 1205800 x 945 x 1435800 x 945 x 1635800 x 945 x 1835
Capacity of blood bags120215310410500
Number of Drawers12345
Drawer CapacityMaximum 60 Bags
TemperaturePreset at 4oC +/- 1o C
Temperature AlarmHigh 6o C & Low 2oAudio Visual Alarm
Internal Body MaterialSS 304 (AISI Grade)
External Body MaterialPowder Coated  CRCA Steel
InsulationLess than 65 db (A)
Illumination8 Watts Fluorescent Lamp
Noise LevelLess than 65 db
Battery Backup (Controller)Rechargeable, Fully Charged Sealed maintenance free battery
Line Voltage CorrectorIN built suitable rating
Power Failure AlarmAudio- Visual Alarm``
Electrical220 – 240 Volts, 50 Hz SINGLE PHASE

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