Humidity Chamber

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These equipments are used for climatic & durability tests of electrical & electronic components, corrosion test on mechanical assemblies, tests on packages, paints & varnishes, cement plants, apparatus & materials for simulated tropical & extreme tropical conditions & for botanical & zoological investigations, testing of chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medicine, capsules etc.


These chamber are triple wall PUF insulated modular panel.
Interiors executed in Stainless Steel S.S.304 with Rib.
Exterior executed in CRCA with non-contaminant epoxy powder coated.
The door shall be made of 80mm thick PUF insulated panel clad with SS 304 inner & CRCA epoxy powder coated on outer, flash type fitted with glass viewing window, cam hinges, lock, and door closer. The door is sealed with the silicon gasket to prevent the leakage.

Air Circulation

Suitable capacity blower, circulating and distributing uniform air velocity throughout the chamber maintains uniformity of Temperature and Humidity


Heating System

Custom built stainless steel tubular heaters are used as heating element. The stainless steel fins ensure better heat transfer.

Temp. Range

+10°C to 60°C
Accuracy : 0.2°C, Uniformity : + 1°C
Humidity Range : 40% to 95% RH, Accuracy : + 3% R.H.



Humidity is controlled by steam injection method. The boiler tank is used for steam generation. electro – magnetic switch is used for sensing the water level. Thus eliminating the humidity interruption.


Refrigeration system

A hermetically seated compressor with CFC free refrigerant provides temperature below ambient conditions.

Special Care

Suitable K.V.A. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is recommended in case of voltage fluctuations.



Microprocessor based temp. & RH Controls with LCD display & PT-100 class ‘A’ for temp. & hygroclip sensor for RH (Noncondensing type). Histogram format temp. & RH recording (24 hours). Strip chart recorder, Microprocessor based PID temp.
Control with printer interface (Centronic Port). PC interface with RS232CPC / RS-485 interface for muttiple networking of controller. Data loggers, uP Profile Controller for Ramp / soak for cyclic applications, chamber illumination.



ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co. D&B registered & CE mark product.
Calibration & validation certificates traceable to NABL / ERTL accredited labs.


Safety Features

Supervisory Safety Monitoring System has been introduced for additional Safety measures. Individual additional micro – controlled
is used for this supervisory system. If the temperature & humidity value crosses set Hi & Low limits for either or both parameters, safety control action will be taken over by this controller. If the parameters sets within the limit value, main control action will resume automatically.
(i) ELCB, MCB for Compressor, Boiler heater, Air heater & Mains.
(ii) 2 Min. Compressor ON delay time for safety of compressor.
(iii) Float switch to cutoff the main supply & audio visual alarms in
case of low water level.



To comply with the documentation requirements, we provide IQ, OQ & PQ protocols to be executed before taking the chamber
in to for regular use, and support the supply with the following documents with the detail operational and service manual.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Operational Manual for Controller IQ,PQ,OQ protocols certificate.
Calibration certificate of all controlling modules with traceability.
Certificate of MOC.
Test Report of chamber prior to supply with mapping certificate.
wiring diagram for ease of service maintenance.


Model SRL-HC-09Internal Dimension (W X D X H)(cms)Capacity Ltrs
HC-A45 x 45 x 50100
HC-B50 x 50 x 80200
HC-C55 x 55 x 100300
HC-D60 x 60 x 110400
HC-E60 x 60 x 140500
HC-F70 x 60 x 145600
HC-G70 x 70 x 145700
HC-H75 x 75 x 145800
HC-I80 x 75 x 150900
HC-J80 x 80 x 1551000
HC-K90 x 83 x 1601200
HC-L130 x 83 x 1401500
HC-M140 x 92 x 1401800
HC-N150 x 95 x 14012000

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