A blood bank refrigerator is a crucial piece of equipment for medical purposes and scientific research. Blood is a fundamental medical resource, and storing it safely is vital for medical institutions. These refrigerators are used primarily by blood banks, hospitals, diagnostic centres, bio-repositories etc.

Storage of blood is a precise science, as it can get spoilt very easily at temperatures higher or lower than ideal, making it unsafe for use. Monitoring using temperature controls and alarms is necessary to ensure continued care of valuable blood bags. A refrigerator keeps the blood components fresh and ready for use by maintaining the temperature between 2°C and 6°C.

SR Lab Instruments aims to provide efficient models of this indispensable piece of machinery. Our range of Blood Bank Refrigerators is wide, to meet the requirements of blood centres of all sizes. We design all our models to provide excellent exterior insulation. Proper air circulation facilities ensure that there is temperature uniformity in each drawer. It also aids in rapid recovery after doors are opened. All our versions are frost-free.

The materials used for the refrigerators have durable, corrosion resistant materials to provide lasting and dependable performance. Every unit has stainless steel drawers with adjustable drawer slides. To prevent loss of temperature, individual internal Plexiglas doors are installed. This also facilitates easy identification and helps to manage inventory of blood bags.

The machines are simplified for easy usage. Temperature controls, alarm level settings; etc can be understood without trouble. A microprocessor based integrated temperature monitoring system provides first-class temperature control and accuracy. Audio-visual alarms are installed on all models to keep a check on storage conditions like temperature and device power. The refrigerators are fitted with circular temperature chart recorders which store date for 7 days.

To protect samples from tampering and contamination, safety features are essential for these machines. Along with a key lock, the refrigerators are fitted with lockable caster wheels. If doors are left open for more than a minute, an alarm goes off automatically.

The models are fitted with a device to record temperature data, which can be maintained for up to 1000 records. There is also a backup thermostat to avoid negative levels of temperature. Networking is possible with 30 refrigerated units, which enables transfer of data through a local area network (LAN) to a common computer for further analysis. One can also opt for a model fitted with a USB port.

Multiple steps have been taken to assist data observation and analysis. A 4” LCD screen with a large size display makes reading unproblematic. Temperature recording of the last 24 hours is displayed in a histogram format. Any power failure and resumption, along with occurrences of high and low alarm points are recorded precisely.

We have designed all our models keeping in mind the needs of the industry, while also providing optional features for institution specific requirements. To find out which model is the best-fit for your organisation, click here.