Are you an entrepreneur who is desperately searching for a partner company that can manufacture world-class cold rooms for you?

Well, your search ends at SR Lab Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd., a company that brings rich 25 years of experience in the niche.

Yes, it exists in the market when very few companies offered cold room manufacturing. The company is committed offering world-class services.

SR Lab has successfully entered new markets without losing a grip over the existing proficiencies. It is a quality that stands out them distinctly in the field of cold room manufacturing.

As a reputed service provider, it has always taken every challenge courageously.

It is proud to delight the clients with unmatched levels of services.

A complete cold room solution with incredible qualities

There has been a significant improvement in cold room manufacturing during the past three decades. Also, the demand has increased manifold.

SR Lab is committed manufacturing the best solutions for their clients. Here are a few qualities that make it superior to others.

Energy efficient solutions

SR Lab knows that clients want cold room solutions that consume the minimum energy. Thus, better profitability can be achieved.

With top-quality sensors, it is possible to detect the inside temperature. When the information is transferred to the panel whenever the door is opened or closed, the internal temperature can be maintained automatically.

Thus, there is no wastage of energy. The cooling unit is on only when it is required.

Cold rooms that offer real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is essential to maintain right environment inside a cold room. Sensors evaluate it and tune the same as and when required.

Expedient control

When you want that the cold room offers perfect conditions, it is essential that it is easy to operate and control.

With the profound experience of manufacturing world-class cold rooms, SR Lab offers easy-to-use front-end panels.

Since there are top-notch observation facilities, advanced control panels make the work easy. Higher levels of comfort can be extended to the operators.

Zero-defect cold rooms

Stringent quality control measures make them zero-defect cold rooms. Every parameter is checked minutely and thoroughly.

Manufacturing team follows the best standards, and quality-control team ensures that not a single defect slips from their eyes.

Each product is tested thoroughly before it becomes operational. All these qualities make cold rooms manufactured by SR Lab Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd the best.