Tergotometer Detergent Tester

Tergotometer Detergent Tester- Uses & Application

Overview Of The Tergotometer

The Tegotometer combines 6 stimulators of small washing machines within a single instrument for processing 6 samples in one go maintaining the ideal time, temperature, and speed. After the processing, these samples are analyzed through its comparison with the grey scale.

We have established ourselves as the topmost supplier of this machine which has a wide application including dirt removal, soap effectiveness evaluation, and temperature optimization. One can check several variables such as pH, water hardness, and bleach. However, in case of any voltage fluctuation, one must use K.V.A Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer.

Along with the tergotometers, we also provide the refrigeration system which comprises cooling coils condenser, sealed compressor, and fan motor. With all our products being ISO certified, we serve our customers with 100 percent quality assurance.

Why Tergotometer?

The Tergotemeter has various advantages in comparison to the Wascator. It not only reduces the test material quantity but also results in higher reproducibility and accuracy. Tergotometers are the ideal instruments to reduce the unwanted noise level which makes it suitable for the laboratory use. With its fast cycle times, it has got over many defects of Wascator.

Documentation Made Easy

Our clients need not take an extra effort to comply with any kind of documentation requirements. Before putting the chambers into the use, we provide PQ, IQ, and OQ protocols as well as help in a proper supply with the documentation such as SOP  manual, MOC certificate, and Chamber test report along with the mapping certificate. For a proper maintenance, we also provide a wiring diagram.

We Serve The Best Quality

We have never stepped back in facing the challenges and this is what that helped us in glorifying our name as a supplier of different products such as Tergotometer Detergent Tester. With the combination of high-quality products and business transparency, we have excelled in expanding our roots to several places.

Due to our strongly built network, our company has reserved its place among the top manufacturers of scientific equipment. Our customers remain our topmost priority and hence, we have a well-trained customer care team which provides a viable solution to the clients.

For any kind of doubt or information, you can contact our customer service team at 02226858753 or drop us a mail at info@srlabinstruments.com.