Thermal Shock Chamber Manufacturer

Thermal shock chamber

Thermal shock chamber manufacturer designs these chambers in such a way so that they test whether the products which are put to test are prone to extreme temperatures or not. The products go through a 3-step process of checking. The step includes a vertical orientation where the product is moved from one hot chamber and then a cold chamber.

Then the product is transferred to a horizontal orientation where the product has to surpass hot, ambient and cold temperature controls. This is generally useful for military standards. And then finally goes on to a double duty thermal shock room where hot and cold temperatures are realized simultaneously. This helps to know whether the product is prone to cracks or not.

Thermal shock refers to a temperature fluctuation that causes stress in a substance. It generally occurs because of the abrupt expansions in the market. A thermal shock can cause a crack in the objects which can be a loss for a company. We are the best thermal shock chamber manufacturers in Mumbai and come with good quality thermal shock resistant.