SRLabs is a pioneer in lab instruments that help laboratories and research centres conduct various types of experiments, test and researches. SR Labs is a proud provider of lab instruments to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore; University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur; Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Indian Council of Agricultural Research Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur and ICAR-Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research Rajgurnagar, Pune to name a few. They have a wide range of industries that they cater to, such as agricultural, chemical and surfactants, electronics, pharmaceuticals, space & defence and a few others.

Here are some lab chambers from different industries:

Plant growth chamber

A Plant Growth Chamber artificially replicates the conditions under which various kinds of plants, saplings, germ plasms and seeds are exposed. It creates an environment that is conducive for the growth of the plant and also helps in testing the growth under various stressful conditions. The plant growth chamber can be a walk-in or a reach-in chamber based on the requirement of the experiment.
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Stability chamber

Stability chambers are specially designed to carry out stability & shelf life tests on drugs & drugs substance according to ICH guidelines and are mainly used in shelf life studies, conditioning of samples, stability tests for drugs & pharmaceutical Industries. It is constructed with a pre-fabricated modular panel with PUF insulation enabling to assemble it on site. All the edges are moulded with a tight fit, which prevents condensation & temperature losses. Suitable KVA Servo controlled voltage stabilizers is recommended for the smooth functioning of the chamber.
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Thermal shock chamber
Industry-Space and Defence

Thermal Shock Chambers are designed for air-to-air thermal shock tests, to test components or equipment automatically submitting them to rapid temp changes & are mainly used in space research programs, defense laboratories, Q.C and R & D testing laboratories etc. The chamber has a vertical design, the hot cabinet located over the cold one, fabricated on heavy angular structure with outer construction of CRCAIMS sheets with non-contaminant epoxy powder coated, interior & the basket are of AISI S.S304, two individual doors fitted with silicon gasket for cooling chamber & heating chamber. Must be kept in temp of 25 °C ± 2 °C rooms and a servo controlled voltage stabilizer is recommended.
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Hot and cold chamber

Hot and Cold Chambers are designed to support the testing of certain specimens in cooled or heated environment. They are designed in a certain way to control the temperatures and to stabilize them at a certain degree. Die casting is a process that is majorly performed using the hot and cold chambers. The test inner chamber is made of high grade polished stainless steel. The outer casing is made of Mild steel sheet duly powder coated or stainless steel sheet as per requirement. The vapor-tight welded high gloss stainless steel chamber is easy to clean. The machine compartment containing low noise compressor and an air cooled condenser is situated below the test space.
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These products are used to perform experiments in their particular fields; SR Labs also offer a variety of other products. You can find the details of the products by clicking on the links mentioned in the short descriptions above.