A portable or walk in plant growth chamber is very useful in research and testing environment. The effect of different parameters on the growth of plants can be easily identified, analyzed and measured.

Though the chambers offer controlled conditions, still a slight variation is seen in the plant growth. It is called the ‘chamber effect’.

Do you want to install it in the laboratory or research institute? Here is the ultimate guide that explains various aspects of it.

While buying the chambers, individual requirements should be compared with the operating conditions offered. The best suitable match should be considered.

With excellent design, uniform airflow, and controlled conditions, the chambers offer great environment for experiments.

Construction of plant growth chamber

The interior chamber is made of stainless steel to make it corrosion resistant. The exterior is painted, or powder coated. It is made from protected steel, and the finish could be textured.

Since there are three tiers of thick stainless steel, the chamber is quite heavy. Hence, castors are attached to it so that it is easy to move it.

Each tier gives 20 inches of height to grow the plants. It is quite enough for the plant growth.

The design of the chambers is so flexible that it offers great growing conditions for all types of plants. Since space and light settings are appropriate, they can support adequate height and growth.

Doors are always front-facing, and they allow full access to the internal chambers when open. When closed, they keep the doorframe tightly sealed with the help of a magnetic gasket. Thus, the moisture and cool air don’t get leaked.

Plant growth chamber manufacturers offer standard-sized chambers, but it is possible to get it customized if the requirement is different or unusual.

Plant growth chamber price depends on complexity and sophistication of the design. Manufacturers can make it as per user specification.

Control and monitoring

Each chamber has a programmable monitoring console which displays the vital statistics such that temperature, humidity, and the day-night cycle.

To notify the unusual increase or drop in the humidity and temperature levels, audible as wells as visual alarms are provided.

Also, the monitoring device stores data for at least one or two weeks for further reference.

Plant growth chamber, environmental test chamber, and other chambers are suitable for environment for different experiential and academic research.

Using the data collected by these experiments, the researchers can make new and innovative changes.