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Burn In Chamber


Applications :

These equipments are used for climatic & durability tests of electrical & electronic components, corrosion test on mechanical assemblies, materials for simulated tropical & extreme tropical conditions.

Construction :

SRL Burn In Chamber are suitable for continuous use and durable. They are constructed from CRCA sheets of suitable gauge. Angle iron frames are provided for bigger Burn-In-Chamber. The Burn-In-Chamber are triple walled and the gap between the walls is filled with resin-bonded glass wool slabs. Inner Chamber Sheet Thickness 1.2 mm. Inner Chamber Sheet Material MS. Outer Chamber Sheet Thickness 1.2 mm. Outer Chamber Sheet Material CRCA epoxy powder coated. Middle Chamber Sheet Thickness 1.2 mm. Insulation Material Glass + Ceramic wool. Insulation Material Thickness 60 mm.

Temp. Range :

Temp Range : 100°C Accuracy : 0.2°C Uniformity : +1°C

Heating System :

Nichrome wire coiled or strip heaters or tubular heaters are used depending upon the design of the Burn-In-Chamber which may vary with the specific application and this should be conveyed to us by the user to ensure optimum performance parameters. A port hole of suitable dimension will be provided for giving power outside. Heating Rate 5 kw Heat Load 10 kg Temp. reach up time 25-30 mins Heating element fabrication alloy make SS alloy.

Circulation :

Cross flow air Circulation. Air circulation system 1/6 HP motor 7/3 fan dia. No of plugs 8 Nos. Interlock B/W Heater and Blower


Microprocessor based PID temperature controls with ‘A’ Class PT-100 calibrated sensor traceable to NABL / ERTL accredited labs. Electrical control panel consist of PID temp. & timer controller with calibrated PT-100 ‘A’ class sensor. PID type digital temp. indication cum controller. Temp. sensors, Timer ammeter, voltmeter, Limit switch for door, Audio (only) alarm for door.

Certification :

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co. D&B registered & CE mark product. Calibration & validation certificates traceable to NABL / ERTL accredited labs.

Certification :

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Co. D&B registered & CE mark product. Calibration & validation certificates traceable to NABL / ERTL accredited labs.

Special Care :

Please note that this equipment has to be operated at an ambient temperature of +25ºC +/- 2ºC & suitable rating Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer has to be installed in case of voltage fluctuations.

Safety Features :

MCB, Safety controller, Over shoot safety thermostat, etc.

Documentation :

To comply with the documentation requirements, we provide IQ, OQ & PQ protocols to be executed before taking the chamber in to for regular use, and support the supply with the following documents with the detail operational and service manual. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Operational Manual for Controller IQ,PQ,OQ protocols certificate. Calibration certificate of all controlling modules with traceability. Certificate of MOC. Test Report of chamber prior to supply with mapping certificate. wiring diagram for ease of service maintenance.

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