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Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave / Sterilizer

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Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave / Sterilizer

HPHV Sterilizer
Gravity Sterilizer
fully Automatic Sterilizer

Applications :

The Autoclave operates with saturated steam as the sterilization agent, working at pressure in the range of 22-32 p.s.i. (1.2 2.2 kg/cm2) and temperature in the range of 115°C to 135°C. Special temperature setting are available on request.
The sterilization method substantially shortens the sterilization cycle, achieved by evacuating the air with a powerful ejector / vacuum pump, combined with steam pulsing. A0.2 micron sterile air filter is provided to filter the air, which equalize the vessel pressure after the drying cycle. offers a large range of Sterilizer models from Standard 50 liter to 2000 liter size, as well as varied chamber dimensions according to the specific use and nature of Product requirements.


The sterilizers are manufactured as per I.S.I codes and bearing I.S.I Mark No. IS: 3829, Part-I & II endorsing the highest quality.

Centralised Control point :

• Multi-port operating value: control for the entire cycle of the operating.
• Permits two exhaust speeds, fast & slow.
• Easy to read pressure & temperature.
• Smooth operation.

product serve as standard equipment in:

• Hospital complete C.S.S.D. • Day care facilities.
• Laboratories.
• Research Industries.
•Animal care facilities.
• Medical Waste Treatment facilities.
• Pharmaceuticals & Micro-biological Industries.
• Biotechnology, Tissue Culture.
• Agriculture University.

Safety Features :

• Hinge type Single / Double door
• Self locking safety door cannot be opened while chamber is under pressure.
• Gauge glass tube with automatic closing safety valve.
• Heat resistant silicone door gasket.
• Pressure switched (on electric models) economise power consumption.
• Low water protection system, to protect the electric heaters.
• Temperature gauge / Digital temp. Indicators / controllers (optional)
• Vacuum breaker/dryer
• Safety valve for the jacket / boiler. • Hydraulically test to 2.5 times the designed working pressure.
• Powerful ejector for drying.
• Insulated with resin bond fibre glass wool covered with M.S/S S. sheet


• Heating: Direct steam, Electric OR LPG operated steam generators.
• Front pane model with inbuilt thermal printer
• Fully automatic operation through a MICROSTER PROCESS with manual option
• Digital temperature / timer / alarm display for semi-automatic operation.
• Cycle with pre-vacuum & post vacuum through vacuum pump & condenser option.
• Dot-matrix / Thermal printer /Thermograph to cord temperature and time.
• Double door type models
• Stainless Steel flush mounting on sterile side.
• Carriages, trolleys, baskets etc. for easy movement of goods.

Operation :

• Direct Steam: 1.2 kg/ Cm² for High Pressure model or 2.1 kg / Cm² for High Speed Model.
• Electricity: 3 Phase 440V, 50Hz AC supply.

Microprocessor / P.L.C. with touch screen H.M.I. based control system :

The control system is based on state-of the art microcomputer technology, guaranteeing high reliability and safe operation. The computerized control unit ensure a fully automatic operation throughout the entire cycle. No future Intervention is necessary after selecting the parameters and pressing the start button. The main cycle phase and the machine's actual parameters are displayed on the LCD panel during the cycle progress. The main physical parameters of the process, Le temperature. pressure, time and jacket pressure are controlled and displayed. The keyboard located on the front panel enable the operator to select programs, start and stop the cycle, and allows a trained technician to preset the main parameters using an access code Products Agriculture Cement Industry & Safety Shoes Chemicals Electronics Metalogical Industry Pharmaceutical & Food Industry Space Technology & Defense Research Quick Enquiry Your Name Your Email Your Message

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