Salt Spray Chamber

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Salt Spray Chamber

450 – 600 Ltrs


Humidity Range

95% to 98% will be provided during salt spray Depending on saturation of salt Solution.

Temp. Control Accuracy

Better than + / – 1 Deg . C.

Air and Solution Piping

Made up nylon or Poly – urethane material


The Insulation material will be low k factor, high density and non Hygroscopic nature of mineral fiber.


Non corrosive trouble free atomizer capable of producing a fine fog 20-30 micro Moles size with repeatable test results.


Fog collection Rate

1-2ml / hr / 80cm area.


Heating of Test Space

The heating of the chamber will be done by using tape heaters of suitable capacity. The heaters will be embedded in the chamber
such that there is uniformity.



Suitable capacity cooling system for below ambient conditions.


Optional Accessories

Windows based software for Data Logging and for operation from PC. Suitable Compressor for above

Test Standard

As per – JIS-Z2317, DIN 50021, IS 5528, IS 6910, ISO 3768


Intermittent spray operation system, Timer, time totalizer, Air purging sys.

Temperature Range

35 Degree C to 50 Degree C


The Chamber will be mono block construction that comprise all system necessary for operation. The exterior surface is made up of non corrosive material.

Test Space

Made up of FRP or PP Non corrosive material.

Air Regulator

A moisture and oil filter cum regulator ranging for 0-30 psi.


The door will be made of non corrosive acrylic with hinges in the rear. The door will be designed having inclined ceiling provided with side wall baffles to avoid droplets falling on to specimen as per ASTM Standard, Option of pneumatic Door lifting arrangement of user comfort for sample loading and unloading.


A temperature controlled non corrosive saturator with built in automatic water level controller and immersion heater will be provided.

Specimen placement

FRP Acrylic blocks will be provided for hanging the specimen


The Chamber will be provided with dual temperature indicator cum controller . The display of set values & actual value of Temperature Automatic water level controller with heater protection system. Pt-100 sensor will be provided with non corrosive glass.

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