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Growth Lights

Lighting System :
Up to 1400 μmoles/m²/sec

(I)Lights are mounted on shelves / side walls of the chamber.
(ii)Programmable ON/OFF lights for day/night effect. [10-100%]
(iii)Option for Lighting the each tier of the plant growth chamber with properly spaced RGB-IR lights to impart uniform light intensity on the shelf. (Light intensity-As per requirement) Programming and control of the lighting is done via PLC with HMI control system.
(iv)Programmable event with suitable UV-A /UV-B lights in the chamber.
(v)Lighting shall be dimmable either with open loop or closed loop controls. (Optional)

Lamp heat will be removed by conditioning system. Shelves will be lighted with fluorescent / Incandescent / LED with balanced spectrum for Uniform Light intensity, measured 6 inches from lamps on programmable on/off light events.

Light meter for display & recording of light output. (Optional)

Optional: Ability to dim light intensity from 10 to 100 percent in one-percent increments, with the option to add individually controlled light channels for multiple-tier chambers . This dimmable lighting system provides more uniform light distribution throughout the chamber with a more balanced spectrum for general plant growth.
Ability to control each color in a multi color lamp bank. Each standard lamp bank shall consist of multi-color LEDs consisting of :

LED PCB material. Alluminium plating steel, intensity adjustable from 10 to 100%. Programmable in intensity & time (photoperiod), Low heat load, longer lifespan compared to HPS or fluorescent bulbs. (Option to customize (add / remove) the light as per requirement)

Multi colour LED lights

PAR light sensor: Photosyntheticlly Active Radiation Sensor. [Optional]


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