Stability Chamber

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These chambers are specially designed to carry out stability & shelf life TESTS on drugs & drugs substance according to ICH Guidelines & are mainly used in shelf life studies, conditioning of samples, stability tests for drugs & pharmaceutical Industries.


Pre-fabricated modular panel with PUF insulation enabling to assemble it on site, light weight & easy to handle. All the edges are molded tight fit which prevents condensation & temperature losses, stainless steel trays & trollies.

Air Circulation

A high efficient fan motor with blower ensures uniform temp.

Heating & Humidification

Air heaters are provided for heating & maintaining above ambient temperatures. A water boiler with reservoir & float valve produces steam for Humidity.

Refrigeration System

A hermetically sealed compressor with CFC free refrigerant & optional stand by refrigeration System & Humidity System for uninterrupted operation. The both the systems can be operated alternately for a certain period, thus increasing the life of the system & in case of break down the alternate stand by system can be operated for uninterrupted services.


Temperature Control

Microprocessor based PID Temp. control are used for accurate control of temp. & Humidity. Printer interface facility with data storage to print records with variable print time intervals. RS-485 interface to personal computer for multiple networking of chambers, & also confirms to U. S FDA guidelines. Chamber illumination with fluorescent or UV lights. Cyclic timer for regulating illumination conditions, 8 points (4 + 4), 16 points (8+8) temp. & Humidity Scanner for mapping purpose.

Validation Protocol

Validation Protocols as per DQ, IQ, OQ & PQ, chamber validation with & without load, with complete documentation & certification traceable to national & International standards.



Door Access systems with swipe card & software to authorize & monitor door accessibility. Safety circuit to cut off the whole system in case of any malfunction in the chamber (Only applicable in microprocessor based models.)


Safety Features

Built in temp. Deviation audio visual alarms. safety thermostat prevent overshooting of temp. HRC fuses for compressor, heaters & mains.


Special Care

Suitable KVA Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers is recommended.


ModelInternal Dimension (Cms)Capacity (Ltrs.) Max. No. Of Shelves
STI-A45 x 45 x 45902
STI-B45 x 45 x 711503
STI-C70 x 70 x 552702
STI-D100 x 100 x 1001000 

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