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Bod Incubator

Applications :

Equipment specially designed & suitable for Electronic Industry, Space Programs Research, Research Labs, Blood Banks, Biological Specimens, Serum, Vaccines, Research Laboratories Medical Specimens, Clinical Samples, Industrial research etc, for testing under extreme low temp. conditions.

Compartment & Shelving :

2-6 Compartments with shelves at adjustable heights or individual compartments with door for each compartment Racks.
Cabinet & Door Seals : Outer door to be fitted with low temperature seals. Alarm for temp. deviation failure, open door, clean filter.

Temperature Range :

+2° C to +60°C

Controller :

Fabricated on angular structure, with inner as stainless steel 304L grade & outer of G.I. duly non-resistant epoxy powder coated.
Insulation : Polyurethane foam, 5” -5.1”, 127-130 mm thick/VIP {Vacuum insulation panel} / For space saving and higher efficiency.
Exterior : 19 swg, 1.2mm thick GI Interior : Top quality polished 304L stainless steel, 19 swg. Heated Air Vent : To Prevent vacuum & ice information.
Air Filter : front mounted, to be easily accessed by 1/4 turn screws. Access Port : One pass-through ports, 1” dia (25mm). Pressure equalization port.
Casters & Feet : Heavy-duty lockable casters.

Refrigeration System :

Cascade Refrigeration : Hermetically-sealed Single – stage system with capacity to cope in high-ambient condition. Compressor : Low-noise55-60db, heavy duty & commerciallyavailable, make Danfoss, Embraco, Tecumseh, Emerson.
Refrigerants : CFC free 134A. Circulation with one fan for reduced power consumption and noise.
Compressor Lubricants : Biodegradable & commercially available high-performance, synthetic polyolester oil.

Temp. Control :

Control : PID action Microprocessor- controlled temperature and alarms with non-volatile memory.
Display : Large, bright, Digital Touchscreen LCD, user interface.
Calibrate : Set control probe parameters.
Operating Voltage : 230V, 50/60Hz, 12.0FLA. Electrical Safety Compliance : IEC 61010

Optional Accessories :

Racks, Cryo gloves, Cryo boxes Cryo boxes to be hold 2ml vials. Voltage stabilizer. UPS backup with batteries.

Safety Features :

2 minute compressor “on” delay timer to safeguard the compressor. Compressor overload relay protector, HPCO / LPCO For compressor, safety Temp. Controller. MCB for mains.

Certification :


Special Attention :

Can be kept at an maximum temp. of 32 degree C + 2 degree C & suitable rating Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is recommended in case of voltage fluctuations.

Data Logger :

Data logging with RS-232/485 inter phase, inbuilt system monitoring and reporting technology SMART diagnostic software with audio-visual alarm for temperature deviation power fail more than 5 Degree C and system fail & low battery, Battery backup for alarm during power failure, password access for temp. set point alteration.

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